Decorated colonel convicted of sexually abusing 6-year-old daughter of Marine


A decorated colonel who served for more than three decades was sentenced to 5½ years for sexually abusing the 6-year-old daughter of another Marine.

Col. Daniel Wilson, 56, was accused of fondling and raping the girl at his home on Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, N.C., during a two-week period in the summer of 2016 after the girl’s family befriended Wilson and his wife, the Daily Beast reported.

Wilson, who has repeatedly denied the allegations, was convicted Saturday of molesting the child, but found not guilty of raping the child by penetrating her with his finger.

Prosecutors also claimed Wilson licked and spanked the girl’s twin sister, and offered both twins and their older 10-year-old sister alcohol. He was acquitted on those charges.

More on the story at the NY Daily News.


5 thoughts on “Decorated colonel convicted of sexually abusing 6-year-old daughter of Marine

  1. Firing squad is what used to happen back when America was Great . With good behaviour he will be out of Military Prison in 3 years or so. I wonder if they took his Marine retirement and VA benefits. Here lately no matter what they have done they are letting them keep them both.

  2. This was a US MIlitary Court held under USMCJ . You would need to talk to Mad Dog Mattis about this. In my Commonwealth, ten years for each count of a act equals 20-30 years. The alcohol ect charges due to the victim age means 2 years minimum.

  3. Don’t forget, 3 Muslim children took turns raping a 5 year old girl in Idaho and none of those little demons had to serve any time in jail. One of the kids was 14 and definitely knew right from wrong, although his demonic faith probably teaches him it is right. Afterwards they took turns urinating on the little girl. Her life is traumatized forever and those little demons and their devil worshiping parents are walking the streets of America free. This is your sick nation. And journalist Pamela Geller was one of the only people, along with Dr. Savage, in the entire multi billion dollar media industry who gave enough of a damm to report it.

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