(Originally published by the Daily News on September 12, 2001. This was written by Juan Gonzalez.)

A block from the mountain of rubble that had once been the World Trade Center, Fire Chief Tom McCarthy stumbled toward a traffic divider and sat down to catch his breath.

The back of his uniform had been ripped away, his right arm was in a sling and his head was so covered with ash that his eyes seemed like tiny slits.

“Don’t move, Chief,” said a paramedic who rushed up to help. “We’ll get you to an ambulance and a hospital right away.”

“I’m okay,” McCarthy said, waving him off. “Take care of the guys in worse shape first.”

The medic started pouring water over McCarthy’s head and eyes to wash away the ash.

“Feels great,” the chief said, breaking into a big smile. “I can see again!”

McCarthy and the men of Battalion 32 left their firehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn, yesterday morning after the second plane crashed into the second tower at the World Trade Center.

“We were watching it on the TV, then a few seconds later we felt the explosion all the way in Red Hook. That’s when I knew it was gonna be a long day.”

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  1. Lets not forget what our Saudi Wahhabist “partners” did to us on 9/11 and let us also not forget what the Neocon/Deep State/Military Industrial Complex did to us after 9/11. Plunging us into endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Libya and Syria), trampling on the Constitution (in the name of homeland security) and setting up a police/surveillance state that would have been the envy of the old KGB and the fulfillment of Orwell’s dark prophecies of the totalitarianism of the future.

  2. If it is the ” LAST THING ” Ammar would ever do then ” WHY ” isn’t he telling all the Muslims of
    the world to STOP killing Jews and Christians in his sermons ????

    Did Ammar apologize to all 911 victims TODAY ????

    Why is the burning woman Nancy Pelosi and Dianne fienstein demonizing Trump and

    his voters but they have NOTHING negative to say about Ammar Shahin ?

    A Northern California imam ( Sacramento ) whose widely distributed sermon about Jews
    in disputed Jerusalem set off controversy and fear of violence
    apologized at a Friday news conference, saying his words were hurtful and “unacceptable.”

    “To the Jewish community, here in Davis and beyond, I say this: I am deeply
    sorry for the pain that I have caused. The last thing I would do is
    intentionally hurt anyone, Muslim, Jewish or otherwise. It is not in my
    heart, nor does my religion allow it,” Ammar Shahin said in his statement.

  3. Great show today Savage.

    I watched the Steve Bannon 60 minutes interview last night. I thought Steve Bannon did great. Steve Bannon is so smart he makes Charlie Rose look like a dumb putz.

  4. It wasn’t ‘radical’ islam – it was islam. The most holiest form of jihad in islam is dying while murdering non-moslems (kufar). And jihad is an obligation for all moslems to do (unless they are sick, old, etc). And jihad is any and all tactics and strategies of war and aggressive politics to advance islam. So, the words ‘radical’, ‘moderate’, and ‘islamism’ are just pipe dreams. If you read Islam’s texts and laws you will find out it is radical, violent, intolerant and hateful – a ‘god’ that hates if one doesn’t worship it. And even the moslem’s daily salat, and other ‘prayers’ include the bashing and denigration of non-moslems – it is hate speech, intolerance and just disgusting.

    And ALL moslems gain from the violence in islam. – those that want to define themselves as moderate, or radical, gain from violent jihad that they not only morally support (all their celebrating afterwards was caught on tape and/or noted), they financially fund it, per sharia – sharia demands that it be divvied up according to its laws. They come out and feign victimhood. It is a part of jihad – to pretend they are the victims. It is the same sort of mentality that they use when they hide behind their kids, or in the boats that moslems are heading towards Europe – they will actually act like they are going to toss babies overboard if they are captured and turned around. Their hiding in and among their children, using their children as bombs, etc are very well documented.

  5. No No NO. You guys still cannot get it right. The reason for 9/11 attack isthat Muhammad Atta was enraged that infidels were occupying Muslim countries. In other words, the US military was occupying Muslim countries under the direction of Bill Clinton. That is all. Get it right for once.

  6. The immediate response should have been to stop ALL muslim immigration to the US. No refugees, no exceptions.
    Instead the lie of “Islam is the religion of peace” has led to 16 years of further terrorism.

  7. Let us not forget a platform that was once created to end such worldly terroristic attitudes:

    “August 13, 2012 was the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project played an essential role in bringing World War II to an end through the building of the atomic bomb. This major achievement was possible because the U.S. government conducted a massive, secret, nationwide enterprise that took science from the laboratory and into combat with an entirely new type of weapon.

    Three primary sites were chosen to be the locations for this effort, with other sites playing key roles. Many renowned scientists from both the United States and abroad combined their extensive knowledge and expertise to meet the challenges of doing great work in a very short period of time. After the end of the war, the United States directed efforts towards peaceful uses of atomic energy.”

  8. I agree with most everything you say with the exception of the genesis of the 911 attack.It was the Mossad and CIA in order to have an excuse to invade the Middle East.As a Jew of course you can’t see the real truth can you ? Remember Savage you are an American patriot first not a sheeple to the Deep State or Israel.

  9. THE SAUDIS DID THIS TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THEY HAVE HATED THE U.S. FOR MANY DECADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    STOP BEING MORONS, AND REMEMBER THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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