Teens charged with murdering MMA fighter allegedly stole swords, narcotics from his home


“Three teens accused of murdering an MMA fighter also allegedly robbed him of swords, narcotics and other drugs, according to new documents.

Jace Swinton, 18, Summer Church, 17, and 18-year-old Roberto Ortiz were charged with first-degree murder in the July slaying of mixed martial arts fighter Aaron (The Matzoh Brawler) Rajman, according to the Palm Beach Post.They’re also facing two counts each for home invasion with either a firearm or deadly weapon.

They were booked into the Pam Beach County Jail Friday where they were being held without the possibility of bond.

According to indictments recently handed down by a grand jury, the trio robbed the 25-year-old athlete of swords, marijuana, narcotics and money from his home in Boca Raton. They also stole a cell phone from a woman named Autumn Matthews, though the documents didn’t indicate her relationship with the victim or her role in the deadly home invasion.”

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