HILLARY: Why weren’t the women outraged BEFORE I lost?

THE DAILY MAIL – Geoff Earle

“Hillary Clinton has added another name her long list of grievances about those who cost her the election, this time singling out energized anti-Trump women marchers for failing to deliver before her historic loss.

Clinton referenced the throngs of protesters who took the streets of Washington and other cities in a Women’s march shortly after his election. But her thoughts moved from the calls to resistance to the Trump agenda to why they hadn’t summoned that same passion for her own campaign.  

‘I couldn’t help but ask where those feelings of solidarity, outrage and passion had been during the election,’ Clinton writes in her new memoir, ‘What Happened.’

While Clinton was able to attract considerable support at the polls – she beat Trump in the popular vote – there were signs of an enthusiasm gap throughout the campaign among base supporters. She also took swipes at primary rival Bernie Sanders, whose attacks on her finances, speeches, and fundraising helped feed Trump’s attacks on her. “

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