Officer who arrested Utah nurse fired from paramedic job

THE HILL – Josh Delk

“A Utah police officer seen on video roughly arresting a nurse who refused to draw blood from a patient was fired Tuesday from his part-time paramedic job. Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne’s termination came after he said on the video that he’d bring transient patients to the hospital and take “good patients” elsewhere to retaliate against nurse Alex Wubbels.

Those remarks were concerning for Gold Cross Ambulance president Mike Moffitt, who said he’d heard them for the first time when the video was released last week. “That’s not the way we conduct our business, that’s not the way we treat people in our city,”

Moffitt said. Wubbels was following hospital policy when she refused on July 26 to let Payne take blood without a warrant or formal consent from the patient who was unconscious in the hospital burn unit. He had been in a car accident that started with a police chase. Payne maintained in his report that he wanted the blood sample to protect the man rather than prosecute him.”

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