Tuesday, September 5:

Jeff Sessions announced today that DACA, Obama’s executive order giving clemency to children brought here by illegal immigrants. On it’s face, this is the right thing to do. This was Obama using his pen and his phone to put something into place that he had no right to do under the constitution. You can’t make law as the President, only the congress can do that and he completely cut them out. (That could be considered an impeachable offense by the way, but no one dares speak that word about Saint Barry. You can only talk of impeaching Trump).

My question is, why can’t Trump take the same executive action and make sure DACA can’t be put into effect by Congress? Obama set the precedent. Everyone now is acting like it’s the law of the land, but it’s not, and never was because it was done unconstitutionally. But no one cared about that because Obama did it. The DOJ didn’t care, the Supreme Court didn’t care, the Congress didn’t care. So why can’t Trump make an executive order permanently banning it.

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Because he doesn’t want to. He started waffling during the campaign when he said we had to do immigration with heart. What does that even mean? As I wrote in Trump’s War, we’ve seen what happens when you make laws using one’s heart instead of one’s head. You get what Angela Merkel is dealing with in Germany. An out of control migrant problem that is causing terror and crime to rise. Or in the UK and France, where there are places even the police won’t go now for fear of getting killed. Is that what you want here?

So now, Trump has put his Republican congress in a position where they have to take sides for against these illegal immigrants. And congress, who couldn’t repeal Obamacare, now has to figure out a solution to the DACA problem he just dropped in their laps. Do you think they can figure this out? They can’t even get funding for the wall, another project that seems to have gone by the wayside. Well, it looks like the DREAM is over, but not for the DREAMers. It looks like the dream of getting this agenda passed is over for us.

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