Hospital to Cops: Stay away from nurses after bad arrest

NEW YORK POST – Joshua Rhett Miller

“Officials at a Utah hospital where a nurse was forcibly arrested after refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient are imposing new restrictions on law enforcement — including no longer allowing cops to be in the emergency room or to interact with nurses.

Gordon Crabtree, interim CEO at the University of Utah Hospital, told reporters that the nurse, Alex Wubbels, handled the July 26 incident with “utmost courage and integrity” while upholding hospital policy and patient privacy.

“Her actions are nothing less than exemplary,” Crabtree said during a news conference Monday, adding that he was “deeply troubled” by the actions caught on camera of Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne, who arrested Wubbels after she tried to explain to the detective that blood could not be taken without a warrant from an unconscious patient unless he or she consents or that individual has been arrested.”

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