200 Law Enforcement Agencies Across U.S. Hacked, Sensitive Intel Exposed

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It appears the group Anonymous and their Antifa affiliates hacked ten years’ worth of data from fusion centers and police departments across the United States. The groups claim hundreds of thousands of law enforcement sensitive bulletins are in their hands.

Under the code name #BlueLeaks, the group, commonly known as Anonymous and their self-claimed antifascist affiliates like Distributed Denial of Secrets known online as DDoSecrets leaked sensitive law enforcement data from federal, state and local law enforcement databases.

DDOS bragged about it on twitter

Yesterday, @DDoSecrets began releasing links on Twitter to other anonymous groups and Antifa affiliates regarding law enforcement sensitive bulletins. They claim to have hacked 269 gigabytes of data from a wide list of sources. One of the largest hacks can be found in what is referred to as Dataset 102. What appears to be the logo of the anarchist movement is displayed as the database’s icon. Note: The file is large and will take a long time to load.

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