20-year-old charged

Fox 2 – Detroit:

Sunday morning, Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged Jaden Hayden, 20, of Ypsilanti, MI in connection with beating 75-year-old Norman Bledsoe.

On May 10, at 6:55 p.m. Hayden was sharing a room with Mr. Bledsoe at the Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit. When he set up his cell phone in the room it’s alleged that Hayden severely attacked the defenseless man by repeatedly punching him in the head.

Nursing home staff rushed to the room and saw Mr. Bledsoe bleeding from both sides of his head. However, he led staff to believe he fell from his bed, he was rushed to the hospital for treatment. 

Hayden was arrested on May 21st by the Detroit Police after an alleged video captured on social media caught the attention of Ann Arbor Police. It’s also alleged that Hayden stole Mr Bledsoe’s credit cards. 

As a result, Hayden has been charged with two counts of Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm, Larceny in a Building and two counts of Financial Transaction Device, Steal/Retain Without Consent.

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