Joe Biden’s kindly uncle routine has always been a facade — he’s dangerous

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For 50 years, Joe Biden cultivated an illusory image of being a kindly — if dimwitted — uncle: someone whose terrible politics and inappropriate malapropisms were tolerated because he said he meant well. What a farce. Uncle Joe — now firmly in grandfather territory — was never that guy. Long a fantasist who recounts fake stories years after they’ve been debunked, Biden was always a hit-and-run liar. He was also always a hack and a jerk, with an anger that betrays the arrogance of a corrupt elite. This week, he called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son-of-a-bitch” for asking a straightforward question about rising prices. He later “cleared the air,” but if we had a dime for every time Biden acted viciously, we could afford his skyrocketing inflation. Biden has had a long history of snapping at anyone who even mildly challenges him — and always with the same modus operandi. By spitting disgust at his questioners — raising his voice, snarling his face, shaking his head and his finger, turning his back, walking away — he often humiliated them into cowed silence, allowing him to cruise past accountability. For a guy who promised a return to “civility” and “decency,” Biden’s true colors have become even more apparent. His maniacal outbursts and erratic conduct — yelling one moment, creepily whispering the next, for example — are more glaring, frequent and disturbing. Before Biden insulted Doocy, he berated a different reporter for posing a question about Ukraine. Last July, he called an NBC reporter a “pain in the neck” and complained that her question wasn’t part of the announced agenda. The month before, he lashed out at a CNN reporter at a press availability, wagging his finger and yelling, “What the hell?! What do you do all the time?” When she tried to follow up, he shot back, “If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business.”

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