12 cops injured, buildings damaged as Seattle protest turns violent

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New York Post:

A dozen Seattle cops were injured when a downtown protest against police brutality and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement turned violent on Sunday, according to reports.

The peaceful demonstration, which began about 10:30 a.m. at Westlake Park, called for the abolition of ICE — but about three hours later, another group of protesters showed up with baseball bats, KIRO 7 reported.

The thugs marched toward police headquarters and left a trail of destruction along the way, including damage to the old federal courthouse, the Municipal Court Building and an Amazon Go store, police said.

“Individuals in the group appeared to target Starbucks and Amazon,” Sgt. Lauren Truscott told reporters.

The protesters then headed to the West Precinct, where they lobbed mortar-style fireworks at cops from close range, injuring 12, she said.

One of the injured officers was taken to a hospital after “fragmentation entered his throat and neck area,” Truscott said, adding that the others were treated at the precinct.

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