Tiny Hebrew ‘curse tablet’ including name of God uncovered by archaeologists


A ‘CURSE’ amulet dating back millennia has been unearthed by archaeologists in Isreal, according to a new report.

On Thursday, archaeologist Dr. Scott Stripling unveiled what he believes to be the earliest proto-alphabetic Hebrew text ever discovered in ancient Israel, according to a Times of Isreal report.

The text, found on a tiny 2-centimeter by 2-centimeter folded-lead amulet, also featured the name of God – written as “YHWH” in our alphabet.

Classified as a “curse object”, the artifact was unearthed at Mount Ebal, which is one of the two mountains near the city of Nablus in the West Bank.

Mount Ebal is referred to as a “place of curses” in Deuteronomy 11:29 – Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.

Stripling, who is director of excavations for the Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) at ancient Shiloh, and his team are dating the minuscule tablet back to the Late Bronze Age.


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